Art Therapy In Cancer Care

April 20th, 2017


“BAC’s art on our walls makes our patients feel more at home. It’s a reminder that there is beauty in the world despite the troubles they are currently facing. The art is uplifting.”- Berit Madsen


Every six months, our center partners with Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (BAC) and trades out the artwork which hangs so methodically on the walls of our halls and exam rooms. BAC skillfully organizes an array of designs, colors and mediums that consistently draws the attention of staff, visitors, and most important- our patients. It is common to find our patients strolling the halls browsing and staring at the images before them, reflecting on their lives, and the art serves as a  distraction from the reality of the challenges they are currently facing. Radiation Therapy can be tiresome and emotionally overwhelming, but having artwork on display allows our patients to channel their creativity and often times, find hope.

BAC’s Chief Storytelling Officer, Alex Sanso, had the opportunity to pop into our clinic and chat with Dr. Berit Madsen, Clinic Director, and Catherine Michel, Interior Designer, about their perspective on the importance of presenting imaginative work for the community we serve. Click here to see her published article.