In this information age, we know that when you are first diagnosed with cancer it can be difficult to wade through the vast amount of resources available. To make your research easier, here is a list of websites that we have personally reviewed and found helpful:

Kitsap Cancer Services
Kitsap Cancer Services is a local non-profit organization that partners with other local agencies and non-profits to provide education and cancer support for our local cancer patients and their families KCS works closely with area social workers to assess their needs, and can help with everyday expenses, household chores and transportation.
American Cancer Society provides a wealth of general information about cancer including specific types of cancer and links to other helpful cancer care organizations.
The National Cancer Institute provides both general and specific information about cancer. This is also the place to look for clinical trials. All clinical trials that are available to patients are listed on this site.
Sponsored by the American Society of Radiation Oncology, this information-based site was created by physicians and members of radiation oncology teams to explain how radiation therapy is used to safely and effectively treat cancer.
Cancer Lifeline’s goal is to optimize the quality of life for all people living with cancer. This organization provides 24-hour support to patients and families through a hotline. They also offer many cancer support services.
Provides useful information for caregivers. The site is particularly helpful for adult children caring for elderly or ill parents.
This site aims to ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone. The organization provides immediate emotional relief.  They also offer a “Chat with a Breast Cancer Survivor”  hotline at: 1-800-221-2141.
The Susan J. Komen Foundation dedicated this website to education and research about causes, treatment, and the search for a cure for breast cancer.
Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest is your resource to start the conversation on how you want to live near the end of your life, and make a personal plan for your end-of-life care.  
Provides helpful information about treating and living with prostate cancer, and is available in multiple languages.
A great, user-friendly site with information on medical conditions of all kinds.  Requires a membership fee, but is non-commercial.

The Mesothelioma Center
The Mesothelioma Center provides information support services for people with asbestos related illnesses including mesothelioma cancer.

Survive and Thrive
Survive and Thrive is a wellness program for women looking forward to their life after cancer.

Passionate Nutrition
Passionate Nutrition works with us to teach cooking classes designed for prostate health. Good nutrition plays a key role in optimizing health.

Quinn Nutrition Counseling
Quinn Nutrition Counseling also works with Peninsula Cancer Center to teach cooking classes designed for prostate health.