Color- Affordable Genetic Testing Offered At PCC

Written by: Berit L. Madsen, MD & Clinic Director at Peninsula Cancer Center

We are announcing a collaboration with, a new affordable and easy to use genetic testing service that will help patients learn about their genetic risk for the most common hereditary cancers. This is a 30 gene test endorsed by many leading academic centers including the University of Washington and is 99.5% accurate. The testing requires only a sputum sample and costs $249.00, covered by insurance or Medicare in some cases. The test can also be done discreetly with results only viewable by the patient. Genetic counseling by board certified counselors is available at no extra charge. The turn around time is 3-4 weeks.


Our patients often ask whether their cancer runs in the family; is it due to a genetic mutation that they have inherited and can they pass it on to their children? While most cancers are not believed to be inherited; about 15% of cancers are related to known genetic mutations. Until recently, in order to find out whether a cancer was genetic, and whether the patient and family members were at risk for these cancers, genetic counseling was required and the testing was quite expensive.  As a result, many patients who might benefit from the knowledge about their genetic risks are not tested.

Anyone who wants to know their genetic risk is can be tested including:

  • Patients with a personal or family history of cancer
  • Patients and their families with a known mutation
  • Patients with an ancestry with increased risk
  • Patients who do not meet criteria or have been denied by insurance
  • Patients who are interested in learning more about their genetics


Just ask any Peninsula Cancer Center staff member at  or 360-697-8000. You can also go online at to access a kit and get started.