Peninsula Cancer Center is also a leader in skin cancer treatment. Radiation therapy with Xoft can be used to effectively treat basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas (non-melanoma skin cancers). Skin cancers that are aggressive, deep, or recurrent will more commonly be treated by Mohs surgery, excision, or more extensive radiotherapy.

What is Xoft?

Xoft (electronic brachytherapy) is a breakthrough skin cancer radiation treatment therapy system used to treat non-melanoma skin cancers. Xoft is a safe, effective, non-invasive alternative to surgery and therefore, does not require numbing injections with needles, cutting, or stitches. With cure rates up to 97.5%, its success is similar to surgical excision and approaches the cure rate of Mohs surgery without the associated risks of infection, distortion of anatomy, and/or unpredictable scarring. Xoft electronic brachytherapy provides excellent cosmetic outcomes.

Why choose Xoft?

If the lesion or lesions are on an area where surgery is difficult or might leave an undesirable scar, Xoft can be used as the primary treatment. It is also often used for some patients who may not be able to have surgery due to health issues such as diabetes or anti-coagulation.

Xoft electronic brachytherapy: How does it work? What should I expect?

Xoft uses a non-radioactive, electronic, low dose miniaturized X-ray source contained within a metal skin applicator. This allows for precise targeted treatment of the skin cancer while sparing the adjacent normal tissues. Deeper non-skin tissues are not harmed because the energy effects are generally focused no deeper than 1/4″ below the skin surface.

The electronic brachytherapy radiation treatment regimen consists of multiple treatment sessions – two painless, quick and easy treatments per week for four weeks are typical. Prior to your first treatment, a medical physicist together with the radiation oncologist develop your customized electronic brachytherapy treatment plan. Additionally, custom shielding may be created and used to optimize the delivery of radiation to the skin cancer and protect the adjacent normal tissue. Treatment is administered by a radiation technologist under the supervision of a board certified radiation oncologist who specializes in electronic brachytherapy treatment of skin cancer. In ten minutes or less, your treatment is done and the X-ray source is turned off and any shielding is removed. Since electronic brachytherapy is a superficial X-ray derived skin treatment localized to the skin cancer, there is no radiation exposure to other areas of your body. After your treatment, you may drive yourself home and immediately return to your normal activities.