May I drive myself to my Xoft electronic radiation therapy appointment?

Yes. Your activities are unlimited before and after treatment.

Are Xoft radiation treatments painful?

No. Xoft treatments are painless. In fact, the treatments cause no sensation at all.

Will I lose my hair or have nausea and vomiting?

No. Side effects, if any, from Xoft or radiation only occur where the treatment is/was delivered. Any part of the body outside of the treatment area is completely unaffected.

What are the common short-term side effects of skin Xoft radiation treatments?

Near the completion of the source of therapy the skin may become somewhat red and irritated, similar to a sunburn. Skin irritation typically resolves very quickly after the treatment is completed.

Does skin Xoft cause scarring?

No. It is possible that the skin in the treated area may become slightly darker or lighter but this is usually very minimal. The cosmetic outcome is excellent in the vast majority of cases.

Isn’t radiation dangerous? Doesn’t radiation cause cancer?

Radiation is like any other tool: it is completely safe and therapeutic when used properly. Radiation in therapeutic doses to the skin poses no risk of causing secondary cancers in the treated area or elsewhere in the body.

Will other organs in my body be exposed to radiation?

No. Fortunately, Xoft radiation for skin cancer is delivered very superficially and does not affect any other organs of the body. Only the area in the treatment field is exposed.

Can I receive additional radiation therapy in the future if I need it?

Yes. Radiation can be safely delivered to new skin cancers or other parts of the body without difficulty.

Is Xoft/radiation therapy for skin cancer a new or experimental treatment?

No. Radiation as a treatment for skin cancer has been proven extremely effective with regard to both cure and cosmetic outcome for many decades. Xoft electronic brachytherapy is, however, the newest and most accurate method of delivering this time-proven therapy.