"It is a special time to have a doctor spend his quality time with you and not have a feeling that you are imposing on his life and time. Dr Hsi is one of those special people who (almost - almost) make it feel good to be sick. The of the staff are caring, competent and make the unpleasant part of having that dreaded disease not so unpleasant. I want to thank all the staff and the doctor - Job well done!"

"During such a life altering time for me and my family, I found the genuine concern for me and my diagnosis incredibly touching. The staff are all very pleasant, knowledgeable and professional, As terrible as it was to have to deal with cancer, I felt comfortable and respected. My deepest gratitude to you all!"

"I was extremely pleased with the welcome, friendly faces and caring attitude of everyone I had been associated with during my treatment at the Peninsula Cancer Center. I have felt confident my treatment has been handled in the most professional and understanding manner. I have been recovering from a lengthy illness and the thoughtfulness and caring is unparalleled. Thank you!"

"Everyone was very courteous with great sense of humor and made the visits upbeat and friends as possible. Thanks to all technicians, nurses and doctors."

"I had the option of being treated at a major center in Seattle, but found it to be confusing, too many different opinions, long wait time to get set up and treated. Dr. Madsen and her staff got me in promptly and accommodated my situation and schedule. They are very caring, compassionate and personal."

"Doctors, staff, technicians, facility excellent! Compassion and kindness unsupassed. Thank you for the ease and comfort of my experience."

"My first concern when I learned that I would be having 28 sessions of Beam Radiation was, based on the usual experience in a physician's office, that there would be a lot of wasted time sitting around waiting to be called. As usual, I brought a book along to keep company. By the end of 28 treatments, unexpectedly, I had only finished 2 pages!!! I was and am impressed with the efficiency and professionalism exhibited by your Radiation Therapists (Justin, Chris and Dane). Their prompt attention and friendly, courteous attitude has, I'm sure, made the treatments much more bearable, if not enjoyable, for their patients. I am convinced that they are responsible for my not finishing the book!!"